Sustainable Culture Management

▶ Research Area

Living culture (food, clothing, shelter), art culture (music, art), traditional culture.

▶ Research Direction

1. Restoration of traditional culture areas, maintenance and application plan for sustainability research.

   - Convergence of original traditional culture, value research and education.

   - Creative succession and application for traditional culture product and contents development research.


2. Convergence research for art & culture welfare environment improvement.

   - Research plan for art & culture producer/ art producer support policy.

   - Social welfare and education program through art & culture.


Sustainable Design Management

▶ Research Area

Research on sustainable design process, methodology, evaluation method and industrialization.

▶ Research Direction

- Suggestion on expand point of view of sustainable in environment,  society, economy, culture, sustainable design process definition and  direction.

- Systemization of sustainable design process.

- Research on evaluation factors for sustainable design management.

- Research on actual activities of sustainable design marketing strategy and consumer behavior.


Sustainable Service Management

▶ Research Area

Knowledge construction on sustainable medical and service industry’s ecosystem, provide sustainable global service strategy and establishment action plan development.


▶ Research Direction

- Research on characteristic of medical, health and culture by countries, establishment of detail service offer in data base operation and marketing strategy.

- Provide practical information through medical service design for theoretical system establishment, various setting in empirical research.

- Design research in international dimension seminar and academic exchange through systematic knowledge construction and service scape.




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